• More profit

    Joint purchasing ensures competitive prices, meaning lower overall costs for you. We do the work, you reap the rewards.

  • More convenience

    We negotiate conditions and contracts with suppliers. You can concentrate on your core business.

  • More knowledge

    Our collective knowledge ensures better quality contracts, which gives you more added value.

  • More freedom

    You decide whether or not you participate in a procurement project. Your company information is not shared with third parties.


Joint purchasing ensures scaled benefits. You cut your costs, thus
increasing your margin. Moreover, joint purchasing ensures a quality advantage.

We select the suppliers and negotiate with them on your behalf for
the best terms and delivery conditions.

We do what we are good at: competitive buying, so you can focus on your core business.
What a great load off your shoulders!

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Over ons

About us

Yopar has been supporting a large group of food-producers and
manufacturers with their various purchasing needs since 2004. Any
advantages that we as a purchasing organisation achieve, are of complete
benefit to our participants.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel for every
new purchasing contract, instead, we ensure the quality that you demand.

Yopar has a highly experienced team who are dedicated to efficient buying,
clear agreements and effective monitoring. The interests of our participants
is, therefore, our number one priority.

Rob Wouters

Specialised in: employment agencies, energy

Hein van Bladel

senior buyer
Specialised in: packaging materials, facilities, IT, technical support, gasses, quality assurance

Enrico Wierckx

senior buyer
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Specialised in: raw materials, packaging materials, logistics, internal transport, pallets

Nanny van Rijswijk

buying assistant
Voor wie
Specialised in: office supplies, operational equipment, training

For whom

Food manufacturers

Yopar works on behalf of several dozen leading food manufacturers, at home
and abroad. As a participant, you have the advantage of collective
purchasing, whilst your company information remains protected.

In addition, you get to decide about allowing new participants in the same industry to join
in. Joint purchasing is done on a per-project-basis: per project you can
decide to participate, as well as help us to determine the quality and
conditional demands. You have the advantage of pulling together, whilst
maintaing your enterpreneurial freedom.  Partners when possible, individuals
when desired.

Our suppliers

Yopar manages large purchasing contracts with suppliers of raw materials,
packaging materials, facilities, services and technical matters. All contracts
that Yopar secure must be of a relevant advantage for every project
participant. We are happy to show you what the advantages are in store for you.


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